Can you see it?

Just there, behind the fog of reality – the tips of the sparkle of the world of imagination.

There – the glimmer – something shines not so far in the distance.

Magic slowly begins to surround. The brightness of a picture that your own mind has created from the thin of the air comes in to view.

An ability, a power so incredible that it can make the impossible possible.

Do you see it?

A place where fairies can be seen without the need to hide. A moment when you do not have fear to spread your wings and fly into the beauty of the sky.

Allowing your feet to touch down so that you might play for a moment within the color of the magic of the rainbows.

The strength of an army within you as you use your super hero powers to protect those in need.

Can you feel it?

To dance within the splendor of your own imagination without fear. The brilliance of what you can create from just a mere thought – worlds within worlds.

There are no limits here – only dreams that can be brought into reality.

As the tales of your adventures begin to slow and the peeks of reality come once more in to view, hold tight to the imaginative moments you have spent. Take them with you, back to the realm of reality.

Take them with you.

Believe in them, as they believe in you.


About J.R. Robinson J.R. Robinson lives in Northern California with her epic husband and rock star daughter. Raised in the lower part of Michigan in the town of Monroe, she was an only child throughout much of her adolescence, a latchkey kid who learned the true magic and power of the imagination. A writer since the age of nine and a teller of many tales, J.R. Robinson is a believer, above all else.

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