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10383639_897127706966558_7449563572047321465_nGood Morning, Afternoon or Evening! My name is J. R. Robinson, and I am the author of Theodore Roberts & the Key to the Imaginary Door. Just to give you a little more detail in to my world – I love the human imagination. I find that living in a world of fantasy can open doors in to your own reality in ways never thought possible. This is actually how Theodore Roberts & the Key to the Imaginary Door came to be.

I began to notice how the world of children had begun to shed their childlike imaginations so quickly. It was almost as if childhood magic was something to be cast away by the age of six in order to fit in with peers. If a child didn’t let go of that glorious imagination, inevitably it seemed, that ridicule from others would shortly follow. To me this was…

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About J.R. Robinson J.R. Robinson lives in Northern California with her epic husband and rock star daughter. Raised in the lower part of Michigan in the town of Monroe, she was an only child throughout much of her adolescence, a latchkey kid who learned the true magic and power of the imagination. A writer since the age of nine and a teller of many tales, J.R. Robinson is a believer, above all else.

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