Hi! I’m J. R. Robinson, author of Theodore Roberts & the Key to the Imaginary Door. To give you some insight into my world – I am deeply in love with the dreams of the human imagination. As I was an only child for much of my adolescence, I spent a lot of time alone. There were no kids my age where I lived, so my playtime was making up imaginary worlds in my head and acting them out with my toys in my playroom. I admit that at times it was lonely, but it took me to adventures that I wouldn’t give up for the world!

The amazing part was that my imagination has never left me. Yes, I still believe in the magic of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. I giggle with glee when I hear a person say that “anything is possible” – because with your imagination “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

So believe in yourself, because that imagination you hold inside of you is capable of accomplishing anything.

In a nutshell – “Imagination is the key to this world. It is a key that only very few people are able to hold on to for a lifetime. Imagination is a world where dreams are born, where people are free from everyday life. This world has a door that can open for anyone, as long as they remember where to find it, yet so many over the years have lost their way, with no way of returning. Yet, perhaps there is hope to find the key, to open the locked door, and to once again see the land of imagination. This land is found through the eyes of a child.”

-Theodore Roberts & the Key to the Imaginary Door

Chapter 14 - The Invisible Door sketch

Enter into the world of Imagination

About J.R. Robinson J.R. Robinson lives in Northern California with her epic husband and rock star daughter. Raised in the lower part of Michigan in the town of Monroe, she was an only child throughout much of her adolescence, a latchkey kid who learned the true magic and power of the imagination. A writer since the age of nine and a teller of many tales, J.R. Robinson is a believer, above all else.

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